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“Life used to be so maddening for me.  Living in fear.  Feeling frustrated.  Then getting depressed about it all.  Why couldn’t I be like everyone else, why couldn’t I have the life I wanted to live?”  

I read all the books.  I tried therapy.  I even tried hypnosis.  I tried just about everything that ANYONE said would work.  For me, they didn’t  I felt like life was out of control, and that is when I had the fortune to meet the NLP Guru – the man who’s personal transformation and amazing skills changed my life.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria - Traveling in New Zealand
NLP – Neurolinguistic Programming is the study of human thinking and mental strategies that lead to excellence.  It is taught and used by treatment professionals, communication experts, and professional Olympic trainers.  It is used in many professions that need to change how people think – to make their lives more complete and powerful.  One of the most famous NLP Guru’s is Tony Robbins.   Another is Mr Twenty Twenty, who developed this program with the use of NLP.

Who is Mr Twenty Twenty?  Why do we listen to him?  Born John Wingert, he would take the NLP world by storm, first using his NLP skills to survive being a guard taken hostage in a 3 day prison riot in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, then by using those same skills to cure himself of Post Traumatic Stress.   Because his use of NLP, his life is one of a professional adventurer now, he lives overseas, and has traveled and trained all over the world.    His focus is on helping people  help themselves – so they can live the VISION they were born to live.  That’s why he goes by the name, Mr Twenty Twenty.  Google him after you register for the free at home training.  He is the real deal.  A survivor.  A friend.

Why are we giving away the first two weeks of Kill Fear Dead for Free?

Because we want to help eliminate your suffering. Mr Twenty Twenty, because of his past trauma, his personal growth and transformation, and the success of this program for the past 5 years, we have decided to give it away free of charge – first to traumatized soldiers, and now to everyone who needs it.

John Wingert – Mr Twenty Twenty suffered with traumatic fears and phobias because he was a prison guard taken hostage.  He got divorced and lost his career, before he figured out how to fix his mind and take charge of his life.  He wants to give you the same methods he used to take his life back – so you can start living again..

That’s why we are giving you the simple methods, my friend  Mr Twenty Twenty – John Wingert – uses to Kill Fear Dead.
It’s time you took your life back.  Fear, anxiety, depression all suck.  Let’s kill them off, once and for all. Life is meant to be lived.  Join us.
Robert Forester for Mr Twenty Twenty



Note:  This is not a substitute for medical treatment of any kind.  We don’t diagnose – we aren’t doctors.  If you need medical attention, see a doctor mate.  What we DO HAVE is a Time Tested – Street Proven program that will transform your life – in just minutes a week.  Just listen to his recordings, do the simple exercises, and notice your life transform.  It’s about you creating a new you.  And we can help you do that because that is what we do.

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