Who is Mr. Twenty Twenty and why did he change his name to Twenty Twenty?

Mr. Twenty Twenty is a real life visionary, who has chosen to live a life that makes a difference.

His ambitions in college were to work in law enforcement, which he did until the age of 23 when he was taken hostage in a three day prison riot in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, he was unable to return to law enforcement.  His journey of recovery included training and apprenticing with very interesting people, and training in some unusual disciplines.

He has invested thousands of hours training with Native American Elders, Storytellers and Medicine Men  He has met with and trained with the founder of NLP, and several of the old school NLP experts who have distanced themselves from the current state of NLP.  He has practiced both shaolin and internal kung fu for over 20 years, has lived naturally for extended periods in the woods using native skills, and has been helping clients in his many and varied trainings for over 12 years.

He has written several books, and published one Native American Fable – Jumping Mouse which is available by clicking here.

He has lead trainings, courses, and retreats in Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey, Florida, Las Vegas, and Austin, Texas.

Just days after his 41’st birthday he legally changed his name to Twenty Twenty, the number of PERFECT VISION.  He changed his name to help people remember power, passion and sense of purpose that comes into your life if you choose to discover and live your Inner Vision.

For more information, interviews or for training, email him directly at 2020@exhostage.com